Time to say THANKS – to all our Volunteers

As we all know Assist is ran 100% by volunteers, we are here primarily for the business and professional women of the Tees Valley. Assist provides a platform to connect, collaborate, spotlight, encourage and empower – and we do this well! 

The growth of Assist has been phenomenal over the past few years. We have evolved into a forum that really speaks the collective voice of our community. We can be sure of this as the community itself is the one creating the events, the projects and the campaigns. Through our team of volunteers, perfectly placed based on their skills, experiences and knowledge we have been able to bring our visions to reality. We have steering groups, campaign and project leaders with a team of volunteers including, strategic thinkers and the operational crew who help to support. Without them, the Assist would not be able to function. 

We are working just about 365 days a year with Assist being an ever-changing organisation. Because of our army of volunteers Assist is quick to adapt to its environment. We are forever tired of waiting for the world to change on some aspects of society, we are bold and are working to be a driver to generate the change needed in our corner of the globe. 

The committee, Ann, Katie, Laura and Emma would like to say a HUGE thank you to each and every one of our volunteers. You make Assist what it is, you are an integral part of the culture created – welcoming, friendly, supportive and empowering. You are Assist, Assist is you.

The list is long who we need to thank, many spotlighted across our website and many more behind the scenes that do their bit quietly. They are sounding boards for the committee and others and we could not do this without them. We thank these hidden too, you, your time and efforts are also incredibly valued, you know who you are.  

A round of applause to all Assist’ers – WE THANK YOU 💜

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