The Sisterwood

Recognising the achievements of Tees Valley women

Located at Middlesbrough's Stewart Park, our Sisterwood recognises the achievements of Tees Valley business and professional women. Our vision is to plant a tree each year to represent our Assist Goodwill Ambassador's of the past, present and future.

Thanks to Middlesbrough Council, the park’s team and the Elected Mayor, Andy Preston, we have created a space which will grow and mature as it gives recognition to the achievements of our Tees Valleys women. This corner of the park consists of a group of young woodland trees which were selected and planted by the volunteers at Assist Women’s Network.

🎨 🖼 👩‍🎨  JiQing Fan

Recognising Women

We have two trees that represent our first and second goodwill ambassadors, Yasmin Kahn and Bianca Robinson. We have firmly planted them in the history of Middlesbrough and the Tees Valley to recognise all they have done and do for women and business in our region. 

This space is also recognition to all the volunteers of Assist, the committee & committees of past, and the Core Team for all their hard work. 


Fundraising for the Sisterwood

As we grow this space, we are to fundraise and add a tree each year for future Assist Goodwill Ambassadors as we strive for visibility of our business and professional women. We also want to add a Roll of Honour to etch our Assist Goodwill Ambassadors names in to the Sisterwood. 

We plan to add more bulbs each year and we want you to be apart of this by helping us to bring our Sisterwood alive with colour each Spring.


Please visit this place often, watch it grow. It is yours and ours to share.