Assist Goodwill Ambassador

Our Assist Goodwill Ambassador is an advocate that represents Assist and our community, with focus on our objectives, key strategies and particular campaigns close to our heart.

This is an annual Ambassador Award to recognise one amazing business or professional woman from the Tees Valley.  Lyndsay Hogg is our current Assist Goodwill Ambassador who took over the role on International Women’s Day 2022. 

Our AGA works closely with the decision makers of Assist, she has a stake in this dynamic network and the vision for the future. 

Our Assist Goodwill Ambassador's

“I’m beyond thrilled to be entrusted to amplify Assist Women Network’s message as the Assist Goodwill Ambassador for 2021.

I’m looking forward to talking up the unstoppable, inspirational and capable Business Women of Teesside.

I’ve built my career here in the Tees Valley since moving here in 2002 from New Zealand. The support of Assist and the women in business here in Teesside has been instrumental in my growth and our mission is to pass that support on to a younger generation of entrepreneurs as well as supporting those established women who are paving the way.

Assist’s previous ambassador, the amazing Yasmin Khan, has left some big shoes to fill and I very much hope to build on what she started when it comes to championing women and womens’ equality in all our glorious diversity right here on Teesside.”

“Working with the Assist Women’s Network as an Assist Goodwill Ambassador is such a privilege. I’m so excited to be part of such a dynamic network of professional women, we have some great ideas and hope to share some exciting plans soon.”