Assist Mentoring

Peer to Peer mentoring to help our network flourish

Each of us needs a confidante, someone who believes in us, someone who can assure we have the ability to defy all odds and approve of our decisions. But, why especially women? 

What makes women realise that the sky was never the limit but their mindset?

Mentors – that’s what they do.

They make young girls believe that there’s a possibility for them. They guide to reclaim the potential women already possess.

Mentors can help women change perceptions that their role is not what society confined them to, that they can be themselves and yet as competent as their male counterparts. Many women feel under-appreciated when their talents are not recognised. The fear of not being enough drives them to back off from their goals, that is exactly when a mentor comes to the rescue. A mentor celebrates their talents while continuously assisting them in developing their skills.

Mentorship can provide women with a safe space to openly discuss their ambitions, acknowledge their talents, and overcome challenges to not only recognise their worth by effectively maintaining peace within to not crumble upon the criticism. 

When women learn to be enough for themselves, a better society comes together as a whole.

The question is why NOT?

The question is not why mentoring women is important. 

In year one the aim of this project is to match two cohorts of professional women mentors and mentees across our regional community. And the objectives for this project are aligned to our values.


By providing mentoring opportunities to women in the region we are empowering one another to flourish and succeed.


A huge part of any mentoring relationship if for mentor and mentee to push beyond their comfort zones and discover new skills, experiences and ways of communicating.


We want our region to be the best place to live and work as a woman, and this project is a big part of bringing this vision to life.


We want this project to both grow our community of Assist Women and to reinforce the connections we make with one another.


We intend to run celebration events for each cohort of the Assist mentors and mentees to celebrate and recognise their achievements.

Session resources will be provided to scaffold and guide this programme but we are also very keen to ensure this project is co-created by our wonderful community of Assist Women, so you will be invited to create and share resources and ideas along the way to make sure we all learn as much as possible from one another.

A mentor does NOT have to be older than a mentee. There is a huge value to be gained in being mentored by someone younger than you, and as a young professional woman you may want to hone your skills by working with a more experienced mentee. We will be actively  encouraging and supporting those who want to explore reverse mentoring as a part of this project. 

Initially we would ask you to apply as a mentor or mentee, the application forms are available below, after the applications have been received we will assign a 1st cohort (running from January 2022 to December 2023). Those selected for the first cohort will then receive training, guidance and a schedule of resources, drop-in sessions and support to scaffold their journey.

The exact details on this will be explained at your training session.

We will then match mentor and mentee pairs, lots of this will be based on the information you give us in your application, so please be honest and open.

In due course we will look at our second cohort, which will run from September 2022 to December 2023. 

Whether you want to be a mentor or mentee this should be something EVERY Tees Valley professional woman needs & wants to be a part of. 

And please keep an eye on everything else we do here at Assist. While you are part of the Assist mentoring tribe you can attend our events as a mentoring pair to meet other Assisters and learn from them too.

All the events are not only with business focus, there are some with a sprinkle of social and you can form relationships, find common ground and similar ideologies, that can be a great foundation to build friendships.