Assist Book Club


Assist Book Club is not for your usual fictional reads, this book club is designed for women who want to be inspired, who want to learn how to develop personally and in business. It is aimed at women who love to read and is open to those with something distinctive and significant to say or those who would like to find their voice.

  • We showcases extraordinary books, that really have the power to educate and inform as well as entertain
  • The books featured are from both male and female writers, whilst we seek to empower women we seek to showcase all amazing authors
  • You can find our ‘Assist Book Shelf’ further down
  • Become a better reader
  • Commit to reading
  • Grow relationships
  • Learn from diverse perspectives
  • Become a better conversationalist.


These meet ups are on an evening for 1 hour.

This is to give time for you to get in from work, sort your tea and perhaps make sure your family are all happy before you jump on the call.  

We start with a chance to discuss and review the recent book choice, talk about the topics it raised, and give thought to the author. 

Before we close we will look at the books put forward by the book club group and make a collective decision what the next read will be. All in an hour online!

Across the year we will be meeting ‘for real’. We will have stand alone ‘meet the author’ events. 

Come along to a local library or woman-led bookstore with the opportunity to meet the author, listen to a reading from them, hear their story and get your book signed.

Please note: A small donation will be required to cover costs.

From wonderful authors such as, Marianne Williamson, Brene Brown, Oprah Winfrey, Norman Vincent Peale, Tony Robbins and many more. We make sure to choose books that have been designed to make us think about our personal and professional growth.