AssistHER was a 8 week pilot course, free and fully funded by Middlesbrough Council which launched in February 2021. Some amazing speakers and live coaching to inspire over the eight weeks.

AssistHer course consisted of...

💜 Week 1 Who do you think you are? 

💜 Week 2 Who do you want to be?

💜 Week 3 Who is in charge?

💜 Week 4 What do you want?

💜 Week 5 Bring it all on 🌟

💜 Week 6 Who is your tribe?

💜 Week 7 Speak Up. Speak out!

🌟 Week 8  Party 🥳

What people said about AssistHer

“Process great, feel lots better in self” 

“Thank you for the brilliant talk and very relevant to me at the moment”

“Enjoyed getting my three goals for the week down on paper”

“Being surrounded by positive and inspirational ladies after a very busy day”

“I love how real and fun and fabulous everyone is”

“I loved it full of positivity and motivation”

“I like knowing that even little things count”

Our AssistHER 2021 hosts are Dianne and Victoria…


Vicky Brown