A Seat at the Table


A Seat at the Table is an 18-month long project run by the Assist Women’s Network with the aim of improving women’s representation in politics at the local level. ASATT aims to support women in their professional development by inspiring women to aim higher and take up local leadership positions, whether that be within government, on chairs and committees or within their own careers. The objective is that once we establish more women in leadership positions, we will generate greater policy change in the Northeast that positively impacts women and their families. 

Our Aims

To inspire women to become more engaged in political debates, to back timely campaigns that have an impact on women, and to provide a platform for these political debates to be heard.

To support women in their professional development and encourage women to take up leadership positions, whether that be in local government, on committee boards or within their careers.

To ensure that the voices of all women are heard by championing a commitment to non-partisan politics, diversity, and inclusion.

The programme will launch in February 2022 and is aimed at professional women that wish to exercise their influence and generate change in the community. ASATT aims to support these women in their political endeavours by kickstarting important conversations and launching a series of workshops and events lead by professional women, for professional women: 

ASATT provides you with the opportunity to meet with experienced businesswomen that are robust within their field and aim to bring about change in the local community. It provides a platform for ambitious women to come together, share their knowledge and expertise and debate pressing issues that have an impact on women. 

Here at ASATT, we understand that women are individuals, and we uphold a commitment to ensuring that everybody’s voice is heard. 

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ASATT is committed to empowering women and supporting growth in their personal and professional lives. ASATT recognises that to be able to achieve this, it is important to address the barriers women face in influencing policy change. Our vision is to create a community of professional women that can support, collaborate, and inspire each other to enter the political sphere and generate change. In doing so, we recognise the success of women in our region and celebrate their achievements: 

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