Charlotte Marshall

Assist Mentoring Project

I’m Charlotte aka Girl Friday and I’m a Virtual Assistant, providing remote administration and PA support to organisations in the UK.

A wealth of skills and experience from my varied career helps me to provide support to many different types of businesses including sole traders, charities, SME’s and larger organisations. They benefit from my tailored approach to solving their business needs.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial side and a can-do attitude. Even in my early teens I took up jobs doing babysitting, ironing, cleaning and helping my Dad out, as he has his own business. I would answer the phones and do his filing (this was before computers!). This gave me early understanding about managing my time and workload.

When I’m not being a Virtual Assistant, I’m mummy to two daughters and a wife / daughter / sister / home maker / family organiser. Life is busy, but it’s something that I enjoy and thrive on.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, going to the gym, relaxing on spa days and catching up with friends.