Assist Chit Chat – Week 1 – Dianne Casey

Thanks to a small pot of funding from Middlesbrough Council Assist-Her, LIVE training was launched 🚀 

WOW… what a fantastic session we had… baby steps… giant steps! They all count. Thank you to the women that came to zoom #goals 


The amazing Jessica Williams, MBA (@JessicaJAW1903) gave an honest, wise presentation. It was lovely she enjoyed spending time with us. 

“Feeling uplifted after an amazing first @AssistNetwork #AssistHER session – love that so many incredible women in our area are starting their own businesses! Just remember ladies #YouCanDoIt #PositiveMindset and work on those #Goals 💪💪💪💪


Message from Vicky Brown 

“WORRIED ABOUT VIDEOS? Here’s just a SNAPSHOT of what goes on when I’m doing mine! AND remember, the writer in me, likes to write… not do videos! 

But by getting confident & realising it’s not about me! It’s about my message to others… when we open ourselves up to ‘who can we serve’, ask yourself, by doing videos, who can you help? It puts a WHOLE other angle on doing the video!

PLUS, I sold a course, recently, that had a 20% conversion rate! The average is 2%!! THIS WAS SIMPLY BECAUSE I DID VIDEOS… I WAS VISIBLE!  

However, I did practice in a safe place first. I didn’t just go & do a live on my own FB page… I had a tribe of women that helped me build my confidence, supported & encouraged!


We want to help you be visible, get confident & step out of your own way… the possibilities are endless!

So when you’ve watched me fumbling with words, you can also check-out my YouTube channel, where you can see the ‘edited version’ 🤣🤣🤣


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