Jess Taylor

'A Seat at the Table' Project

Hi! I’m Jess and I’ve joined the Assist team as an Event Coordinator for the “A Seat At The Table” project.
Visual description: I’m 5ft 8, have brown hair and wear big square clear glasses like those ones you used to wear in science class. You’ll often see me in jeans and a t shirt and a comfy pair of trainers. 
I have a degree in Psychology from Leeds Beckett University. My background is community development, delivering training, volunteer management, fundraising and running events etc. I currently work as a community connector for my day job so it’s safe to say I’m a people person and love a good chin wag! 
Helping to elevate women’s voices is very important to me and I have great hope that this project will empower women to strive for leadership roles and break the glass ceiling.
In my spare time I love to be by the sea and walk along the beach barefoot, bake the only thing I know how; good old sprinkle cake! Volunteering is invaluable to me and most recently I’ve started helping out at a local allotment with my sister.