Emma Morris



Emma, from Middlesbrough, is a student Graphic Designer and Illustrator who is currently working part time as a Graphic Designer. She joined Assist in 2019 as a Graphic Design volunteer.

Emma provides help and support with the creative aspects of Assist, such as promoting and advertising events, enhancing Assist as a brand and working frequently with the online and social aspects of Assist.

She works part time as a freelance designer and has been doing this since 2018. In this time Emma has gained experience working with a variety of local and national clients.

Assist has allowed Emma to grow personally and professionally by gaining more necessary skills to enhance her career. She has been able to work on projects that encourage her as a young female in the creative field and support her growth as a designer.

In her spare time Emma enjoys walking her dog, running, reading and spending time with her friends and family.

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