What Assist Means To Me – Liz Atkin

As a member of the Assist Women’s Network, I can personally vouch for the fact that it does what it says on the tin! This fabulous female-led community:

  • Empowers me to succeed
  • Makes me feel bold as a woman in business
  • Has created a vision that I want be part of 
  • Introduces me to a growing community of new friends at every meet up
  • Knows how to blow a trumpet or two in celebration of achievements!

Talking of which… have you heard the one about the blonde and the book?

The mighty businesswomen of the ASSIST community are getting behind my new book Refreshing Comms and helping to promote it into the best-seller stratosphere! Not only is that very cool, but also very humbling.  

Support comes in different guises, from help with ideas to stretch lycra (yes, I have those pants). But I have to say that the support I’m getting from ASSIST is gobsmacking and I cannot wait to return the favour in any way I can (suggestions on a postcard please).

As Director of Blonde Creative, a brand copywriter and now a published author (shucks) I’m diving into pastures new all the time, stretching (without lycra this time) my comfort zone so far I have to wear glasses to keep it in sight! 

But to know I’m part of this incredible community means I always have an anchor should things get a bit choppy (I’m really mixing my analogies now).

Anyway, enough about me. In true ASSIST fashion, I’d like to celebrate all of you smart, hardworking, plate-spinning, multiple hat-wearing ladies running your mighty businesses – keep on ASSIST-ing!   

Being part of Assist means empowering women to grow both professionally and personally. It involves taking an active, bold role in supporting and encouraging the women of the Tees Valley region. 

Members are emboldened to take calculated risks, experiment fearlessly and reach beyond boundaries with courage. Assist has a vision of hope for business and professional women in the area, as well as the next generation, empowering a collective voice. It fosters a collaborative community where knowledge is shared, learning takes place and an atmosphere of respect, honesty, ethics, inclusivity, accessibility and integrity moves women forward. 

Assist recognises and celebrates the achievements of Tees Valley women, spotlighting their successes while understanding the challenges they face and offering a supportive framework. 

Being part of this organisation means embracing empowerment, boldness, vision, community and recognition. Interested in getting involved? Click here.

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