Tees Valley Hidden Women

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Maud Mary Chadburn CBE (9 March 1868 – 24 April 1957)

Respond – Medical – Surgeon

By Caroline Walling

Margaret Wrightson (1877 – 1976)

Respond – Military – Figurative Sculptor

By Sarah Crutwell

Naomi Jacob (1st July 1884 – 27 August 1964)

Respond – Politics – Writer – Activist

By Dianne Casey

Assist Chit Chat – Emma Morris Blog Image

Assist Chit Chat – Emma Morris

Imposter syndrome – You’re not alone! For week 3 of AssistHER OptiMe CEO, Bethany Ainsley, delivered an insightful, yet refreshing, presentation discussing ‘Imposter Syndrome’. She educated us all on the meaning of this ‘syndrome’ and the complexity behind it. Bethany shared a range of perspectives which resonated with all of us, whether that be our […]

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Assist Women’s Survey 2021 Blog Image

Assist Women’s Survey 2021

We need your help! Please support our research to improve Assist for all women in Tees Valley by filling out our survey. We understand things are hard at the moment, juggling #newnormal is challenging. But YOU matter to us and we want to know your thoughts to improve the lives of women in Tees Valley. (It […]

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Assist Chit Chat – Victoria Brown Blog Image

Assist Chit Chat – Victoria Brown

Goal Diggers at the ready! By Victoria Brown What an amazing second live training we had on Thursday! Women are being brave & showing up. I’m so pleased to be a part of this with Dianne. I’m loving every minute and love watching these women grow within just 2 sessions, so I can’t wait to […]

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