Do you have the courage to nominate yourself for an award? I DID! – Annalice Argyle


Nominating yourself doesn’t come naturally and its often stigmatised. It takes guts to do it and even more guts to talk about it. What’s wrong with admitting your good at something and deserve recognition for it.

Being open and vulnerable is hard. O yes but it is very rewarding advocating for yourself.

Ok so I am not going to dress this up, I am a serial self nominator and guess what a multi award winner. I may not continue winning but even being shortlisted gets my charity and my work recognised.

Where did I get this reinforced? By attending an Assist event hosted by incredible, amazing and successful award winning women who are part of the Assist network.

You know what if I don’t believe in myself who else will?  One may think I am conceited, sad, narcissistic, aggressive and not feminine enough. I actually had feelings of not good enough, popular enough, imposter syndrome, not loved enough and the more I read articles on how humbled others were that someone nominated them confirmed this. Did I let this beat me? NO WAY

Who benefits? Me personally because not only did I believe it myself and the self esteem and confidence that brings , so did the judges. I cant make myself win after all so the evidence shows me it clearly paid off. Professionally is raised my charities profile and the message of recovery far and wide. Winning.

Repeat this Mantra after me

I refuse to wait for people to nominate me

I refuse to wait until my man asks me to marry him

I refuse to wait for a payrise or bonus at work

I refuse to wait for someone to enrol me on a course and hand me the certificate

From the heart

Here’s to now and the future of empowered women


Best of Luck

Annalice Argyle founder of TRAC UK – The Recovery Advocates and Consultants

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