Assist Women’s Survey 2021

We need your help! Please support our research to improve Assist for all women in Tees Valley by filling out our survey.

We understand things are hard at the moment, juggling #newnormal is challenging.
But YOU matter to us and we want to know your thoughts to improve the lives of women in Tees Valley. (It won’t take long to complete).

Let’s do this thing… together. We see you 💜

P.S. We’ve got your back and if you have any questions or require any support, please contact us.

Assist is a networking organisation, which is collaborating with many organisations, to support business and professional women in order to develop skills and abilities, inspire and improve quality of life in a sustainable way. All volunteers and the main responsibility of Assist is to provide a space for knowledge sharing, training courses, advising and exchanging experiences.

Click here to fill out our survey

Thank you, Team Assist.

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