Assist Chit Chat – Week 8

Week 8… PARTY 

“One hour a week just to reflect, 

One hour a week to know your own worth, 

One hour a week to be honest and real, 

To be vulnerable and admit that the struggle is real,

To know that you’ve got this and you’ll handle it and you have the strength,

To be heard and to hear 

can I have a HELL YEAH

Thankyou Middlesbrough Council for recognising that women were isolated during the Covid pandemic. For eight weeks we have huddled together on our zoom  screens. We have  built an amazing supportive tribe. 


AssistHERs, thought leaders & the Assist Team enjoyed empowering, inspiring words & most importantly we celebrated the success stories of our Middlesbrough women

Below are some testimonies: 

Sarah Walker

“Thanks to @AssistNetwork for the brilliant Assisther course which has really helped boost my confidence. Seen a definite upturn in business the last few weeks and that’s partly down to my change in mindset and increased confidence from the course! Thanks! #MiddlesbroughMatters” 

Sharlein Smales

“Final night for AssistHER. Met some amazing people and discovered some things about myself I didn’t really know. Very insightful! Well done @AssistNetwork for putting in the hard work to deliver such an eventful course 👏🏼👏🏼 #MiddlesbroughMatters”

Charlotte Marshall 

#FF “ to some fabulous women I’ve had the joy to work with over the past 8 weeks”

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