We certainly do not hate Networking! – Helen Beattie

Well today, in the beautiful setting of Acklam Hall, we had the pleasure of having the Lovely Andrea Clarke deliver a speech on Networking skills and penultimately to inform our group of professional women, why we should launch ourselves into Networking.

Andrea discussed how to utilise her given expertise to enhance business opportunities, connections and key ideas in enhancing efficiency and exposure within their professional field. With the guest list fully turned out and conversation and refreshments comfortably flowing, the atmosphere in the room was relaxed and enterprising with a clear indication that this particular event was one that was a prerequisite for our professional ladies.

During the speech Andrea asked the group to mingle while discussing, both, levels of experience, regarding networking know-how, and speed dating style, giving each member of the group an opportunity to meet each other and get acquainted, swap business cards and generally relax and chat. Andrea’s quit witted approach to networking was not only an inventive passage into becoming more accustomed to circulating amongst peers and associates, but also very informative, useful and enriching.

Personally, I felt that it struck a chord with me, and thought it was beneficial in gaining some real insight into becoming more involved in the network scene and learn how even I, as a professional, would gain from accessing this facility.

When discussing, within the group, of what they associate the relevance behind networking was…from their own perspective, the general consensus of the room was pretty much coincident with each other. Andrea asked what the do’s and don’ts’s were in the points of view of the group, and what they considered paramount to adequate proficiency in a positive networking experience – each member had their own experiences and shared eagerly within the group.

“Go to lots – Networking is like a diet, they all work but you need to find what works best for you”

– Andrea Clarke.

“This is my first Networking event, and I feel like this has been really useful. I feel it has eased me into it, and have learnt some helpful tips”

– Alice Entwhistle – Accountant.

“There is Networking, and there is Networking. It is worth persevering to find what works for you. Assist is a fabulous Women’s Network!”

– Claire Preston, Businesswoman of the Year 2018/19.

With many influential women in attendance, and networking being an essential asset to the majority of these professional women’s day to day life, the event went without a hitch and what seemed an excellent start to the year for Assist. Thank you to all that took part, and here’s to an enriched and prosperous 2020!

We look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

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