October 2021 Reflection

October Reflection: 

Whoa what a month – we sure did have a bag of treats this October 🎃👻🍭

We started the month on a sunny October day with a perfect group of people to give our Sisterwood some ‘TLC’. We started filling the surrounding area of our trees with purple and white bulbs… crocus’, snowdrop’s, tulip’s and more. We had guests including both of our Assist Goodwill Ambassador’s, Yasmin Khan (GA 2020/21) and Bianca Robinson (GA 2021/2022). We also welcomed elected Middlesbrough Mayor, Andy Preston, along with Team Assist and our valued local women that really care about nature, Middlesbrough and what we are trying to represent through our Sisterwood.

🎥🌳 Find out all about the day here. Many thanks are to Amy Carter who created this magnificent showreel of the day… thanks Amy! 

We had the Hartlepool networking event, online, with Lyndsay Hogg, Helen Hogg and Caron Auckland during the month. Watch this space, we are heading face to face for Hartlepool BIC in 2022. We can’t wait to meet and welcome the Hartlepool businesswomen in person. If you are interested, why not head over with us? 

🗣 ASATT (A Seat At The Table) – Chelsea and Ann have a plan of action which is taking shape for us.

📈 Global Enterprise Week is coming around quick, we have been working on this with the panel lined up. We are talking about ‘Growth’ this year with, Lesley Hawke in the driving seat again. ➡️ https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/global-enterprise-week-2021-global-growth-tickets-81419210049?ref=eios

🚶‍♀️🗣 The ‘Walk & Talk’ in collaboration with The Girls Network has took its first steps… keep and eye out for updates coming soon.

🎄🤶 The Assist Christmas Party is firmly in our calendar. All of our regional hosts have been planning their games and challenges. All you need to do is tell us you are coming and we can put you in your team – we know how competitive it was last year! ➡️ https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/assist-christmas-party-tickets-186752069467?ref=eios 

👩‍🏫 Accessibility has been high on our priority list and we are working on this constantly to make sure Assist is accessible to all. We took some valuable advice from someone who knows how to guide us a little further. We are looking to recruit an Accessibility Officer for 2022 to help us give focus to our delivery, giving even more attention to Assist’s inclusivity and diversity. If you are interest in this role, or know anyone who is, please contact us to find out more. ➡️ Contact us here

👨‍💻👩‍💻 The Assist website, is making shape. We are adding pages all the time with the new things we want to tell you. Many thanks to Segun & Emma who have worked on this constantly over the last six months. Make sure to take a look over our site – you are sure to find something new!

💜👏 Emily Myers, our former Events Coordinator, has been promoted to the role of Events Manager. We are so pleased about this, Emily has been with us for almost 3 years and we love seeing our team progress in their careers. We appreciate all of her work as part of Team Assists. 

💜👏  Ann Stonehouse, our Chair has been nominated for numerous Northern Power Women Awards. Please join us in celebrating this achievement with Ann.   


November What We Doing:

We are starting the month of November with a bang & plenty of sparkles throughout… 🎆🎇

💜November will see our first face to face at Base Camp, Middlesbrough, with Chloë Clover and Julie Burniston, on our collaboration with ‘FIRST’… we are just a small part of this, come along to the ‘Assist brunch takeover’ – but stay for the ‘Leaders On Tour’ a chance to network as we peek in to the world of many of our local businesses… You are all invited to ‘Leaders on Tour’ – an opportunity not to be missed ➡️ Register to ‘Leaders on Tour’ event here

💜The mentoring steering group are to reconvene and put the final touches to Assist: Mentoring, many thanks are to Rosey, Bianca, Suzanne, Gill & Ann. Watch out for this coming very soon. It is an opportunity for you to become a mentor or to be mentored by another Assist woman.  

👋We are keen to welcome Alison McGee to the Assist Focus, our steering group that helps us carve the events calendar. We are looking forward to working with Durata, who are a big advocate of women in business.  

📈 GEW (Global Entrepreneurship Week) – an annual date in our calendar, this year we are talking ‘Growth’. What a panel… Ang & Dionne, Louise talking about their products and their global story – we like to make sure you have the facts and the support you need, Lyndsay & Hilary are on this session to do just that. Followed by Laura’s power talk on growth!  Lesley will navigate us through the hour with her expertise on growing a business, trading overseas and funding. ➡️ https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/global-enterprise-week-2021-global-growth-tickets-81419210049?ref=eios

We have the Assist Podcast 📣🎙 coming soon! With hosts Beth Hodgson & Ann Stonehouse. This podcast will be in the form of a chain of interviews, speaking to the inspirational business and professional women across the Tees Valley. Alongside a significant person who has supported their business journey, we will hear their story. We are looking forward to these chats with our guests and their plus one. Listen out for our big reveal coming soon for episode one of the Assist Podcast.

🗣🚶‍♀️🗣We continue to work on the projects behind the scenes of course for 2022, the ones up first are ASATT and Women Walk & Talk in collaboration with The Girls Network.

💜Our Redcar & Cleveland networking online is to bring us to the end of the November’s networking events and a year of zoom spotlighting you all. Come along, see the familiar faces and meet Julie, Barbara & Beth who are keen to welcome you. ➡️ https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/assist-networking-online-tickets-160724608631

💜🎙 Our usual Wednesday evening slot had come around quick again with the Podcast Club get together. Hayley and Joanna are good to go with our recent listens… drop us a line we can let you know more, we have a WhatsApp that shares and recommends. If podcasts your thing we want you! If not why not discover this new world with us? Tell us you coming ➡️  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/assist-podcast-club-tickets-141827446711

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