myASSIST: Brand ‘You’


October 26


09:30 am - 11:00 am

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My Assist: Brand ‘You’

We are bringing our next myASSIST virtual workshop event to you.

We offer you the opportunity to work the hour+ on Brand ‘YOU’. A myASSIST is always a learning session as you work on ‘you and your business’. Alongside you get the chance to network a little with others on a similar journey, you can share ideas and make connections to take away – all this in one intense fast paced morning.

We listen to your requests, what you say you need help with, what you as business women find a struggle and make every effort to help you make your business and you even more fabulous and professional.

This time we are working on brand, addressing the pre-stage fear and what it means today in the world of social media, to deliver your brand to the world. We have a panel of experts that are to share a full and overflowing package of knowledge in such a short space of time.

We are incredibly grateful to our collection of talented, creative, successful local business women that are generously sharing their skills and professional experience with you.

We would like to introduce you to the panel and what they will teach you…

RUTH SMITH – Life Coach

Ruth is a single, self-employed mam of 2 hormonal teenagers! During the pandemic, as a result of her multiple sclerosis diagnosis she needed to shield and work from home, this effected both my mental health and self-esteem, and as a result I employed a life coach who literally changed my world.

At the age of 47 Ruth finally knew what she wanted to be when she grew up! A life coach and holistic therapist. Ruth’s mission is to help her clients build a life they are excited to lead. Don’t be Ruthless be Amazing!

Ruth will give us guidance on how to overcome the fears of creating social media, self promotion images, profiles, videos and lives.

For many of us this is daunting and one of those ‘jobs’ we keep putting off and moving to the bottom of the to do list, the longer we put it off the more the nerves turn to anxiety and the further down the list it goes.

There are many reasons as to why this ‘job’ is one we don’t relish, Ruth will provide you with simple tools you can use before, during and after the dreaded selfie headshot session, videos & lives to overcome any fear’s you may have and to confidently share your brand, your profile pics, record videos and go live!

JESS TUCKER – Social Allies Brand Agency

Jessica Tucker is an industry professional that has over fifteen years of experience in marketing, media and the press. After years of working in house, Jessica decided to create her own agency specialising in Social Media management.

Social Allies was born in 2019 out of a love of all things social. Jessica allied her professional experience and business acumen and created a creative space where a bunch of like-minded people could get together, and amplify the voice of organisations across the UK.

Since the agency’s inception, Jess has headed several major projects, facilitated the company’s growth, and had her first child.

Jess will address ‘brand’ head on, personal branding is the new CV…4.62 Billion people around the world are actively using social media every month and on average people have 7.2 social media accounts each.

Social media advertising is an incredibly powerful tool to grow your business and currently, personal branding and creator branding is becoming the new ‘social media marketing. Users are interacting with personable content more than ever before and the greatest way to capitalise on this is by actively putting a face behind your brand by showcasing yourself, the traits that make you – you and building your own personal brand. People buy from people and building your personal brand will assist you in forming a human and engaging relationship with clients or customers.

Every single person has a personal brand so it can be relatively easy to grow your social presence. Some of the best ways to start off are: Interacting with like-minded professionals, writing amazing hooks, showing personality and images of you and most importantly of all – being consistent.

Jess will give you tips on how to bring ideas to life to tell your story. The fast-evolving world of social means staying ahead of the game, a game that never stands still. Jess will tell you a strong, consistent social media presence through your Brand YOU should be a key part of your marketing strategy.

JEN HART – Photographer

Jen is a specialist ‘people’ photographer. She can help you feel confident in front of the camera to capture your best self.

Jen established her business in 2009 and working with professional women on headshots and branding photography falls well in to her work as we all adapt in the business world to the changes technology, social media and the business community brings us.

Jen is the icing on the cake, so to speak. Ruth with help us face the fears of self-promotion, recognising the need to create the right professional messages through our digital shop window and how to break down any anxiety that is holding us back and prepare to step in to Brand ‘YOU’ with confidence. Jess adds the ingredients of ‘brand’ what is it and how to create yours, what is the right brand for you and your values, you will start work on this during the session and begin to plan how you can achieve your ‘brand’. Jen will walk you through how to take what you have learned and turn it in to a visual brand that speaks your language.

For over more than a decade Jen has learned a thing or two about working behind the camera and how to overcome fear of the camera. Jen will share with us tips for creating a brand image, a flattering headshot or profile picture. Jen will be lead the discussion on how branding photographs can help boost your confidence, create the right image for your brand message and raise your profile and engage your audience.

This is not to be missed, a virtual hour ‘working on you’.

Leave you ego’s in the waiting room, this will be (as always) an honest, open, friendly and productive session working with experts and like-minded business and professional women with the same goal to work on themselves and their image and brand.

What to do NOW… get your ticket and let us know you are coming…