Chelsea Reidy



Chelsea is the lead on our upcoming project ‘A Seat at the Table’ due to launch in February 2022 aimed at professional businesswomen with an interest in accessing leadership positions to inspire policy change for women.

Graduating from the University of Leeds with a degree in International Relations, the breadth of Chelsea’s research has focused on human rights and in particular the representation of women in society, with her theory focusing on the relationship between the number of women in political institutions and the progression of the feminist movement agenda. 

Chelsea is a Support Worker for the Halo Project Charity, a BME specialist service which supports black and ethnic minoritised women that face illegal cultural harms such as forced marriage, honour-based abuse and female genital mutilation. Chelsea is committed to raising awareness of the inequalities women face in our society, advocating for change and championing diversity. 

Chelsea celebrates the importance of professional development and has been involved in projects to enhance her own leadership and networking skills including the Leeds Alumni Leadership Scheme, where she received one-on-one guidance from Sir Roderic Lyne. 

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