I came across Assist over 2 years ago and have found it to be a supportive community of women.

I have attended their networking events in person and online, a social media masterclass and an afternoon session of working ‘on’ my business. I also joined the 8-week AssistHER course, not sure what to expect but knew that the topics covered were interesting and would push me out of my comfort zone. I love being able to chat to other women who run their own businesses, share things and talk things through with no judgement just support.

One of the great advantages of the Assist events are the times that they are on. Running them during the day or evening fits around me being ‘mum’.

Whatever life throws my way I can handle it thanks to the support of the Assist tribe and the encouragement they give.
Charlotte Marshall
Girl Friday Virtual Assistant Services
Being self employed it can sometimes feel like you have no one to bounce off or turn to and the buck stops with you, so when I was invited to attend the assist women's network for the Xmas event by the ladies at CEO sleep out , a client of Three Motion Video who I freelance for , I jumped at the chance. I couldn't have been made to feel more welcome, I felt like I'd been part of this network for months, not a matter of minutes ! Following on from that I attended the regional event , and again it was really supportive, full of like minded woman rooting for each other . I can't recommend highly enough the benefits you will gain from joining this network not just for your business but on a personal level, being aware of what others are doing means when we all support and help each other , everybody gains.
Jo Elliott
During lock down I was fortunate to be invited to attend the excellent session ran by Assist Womens Network.

I was your atypical old school, bit embarrassed to put yourself out there, kind of business. I had the mentality that you should wait to be voted for and never pay to attend any ceremony – you had to earn it.

My attitude was turned around massively when I sat in a zoom space with some of the most inspiring Teesvalley panel and line up of speakers. We were presented with an award winning tribe. Who gave all the audience the opportunity to understand others journeys, lift others and most importantly recognise your teams and own accomplishments. It was so valuable.

It taught everyone the joy of celebrating, being proud and having confidence in what you do. It gave you the chance to shake off the shackles of the stiff upper lip Britishness and stigma that you must be not show off.

It is shaking your pom poms and that is okay, if you cant celebrate your own accomplishments how are others to be inspired!

I have definitely seen a shift and seachange in the way people are buddying up, being bolder, singing their stories and showcasing celebration from this night. We must not lose sight of that and its reason.

It is such an important vehicle to network and create collaborations when we need it most. A big thankyou to all the team at Assist for facilitating change once again.
Laura Hepburn
Having struggled for a while to find a women's network in Teesside, I stumbled across the Assist events by chance. How happy I am that I did!

Ann and the team make the networking fun and relevant, informative and comfortable. I've made several really good business connections, but mostly I've met some great women who I know I could turn to for advice, or even just to meet for a coffee.

We all face the same issues within business and personally and the Assist meet's allow collaboration, suggestion, support and smiles.

Thank you Assist x
Katie Kendall
Hays Recruitment
Since joining Assist I have been invited to events including Hidden Women of Teesside, where I had the chance to network with local business women and build contacts. I felt very welcomed and part of something supportive of where I'm at today and what I'm trying to achieve. I now have an experienced mentor for the next year to help me focus and build my dreams.

Lastly I was invited to the Assist Christmas meal which was amazing as being self-employed and a small grassroots organisation, it can get lonely so I was grateful for the opportunity to connect with other women feeling the same way and trying to achieve great things.
Annalice Argyle
Track UK (Teesside)
Assist have been a great support to me personally. They have brought my confidence on, and also pushed my comfort zones in business. They have also been part of my healing process in allowing me to share my start up story with other likeminded women.

I recommend Assist to all women in business that are looking to push themselves forward and connect with other ladies on similar journeys. They are a great support network to have in your corner.
Lyndsay Hogg
Hogg Global Logistics
I found Assist through a love of books and a desire for personal development but what I discovered was so much more. Whatever you come to Assist for it will benefit all aspects of your life; personal, professional and community. It is positive action for women on Teesside to support and empower each other and most importantly, to thrive. Why would you not want to be a part of this?
Hayley McLean
Anderson Barrowcliff LLP