Wendy Parvin

Assist Focus

Business Development Manager for Creative Fuse Tees Valley, Teesside Univeristy. Wendy Parvin is an entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity educator with over 30 years of experience working within higher education, businesses and the non – profit sector, both nationally and internationally. 

With a successful track record in research-led education, small business management and developmental mentoring, she hold  a master’s qualification in entrepreneurship – Wendy is a fully-equipped expert with a passion help creative individuals and teams set up ventures that inspire them, earn a sustainable income and ultimately make a positive impact within their community. She is a visiting fellow at both Durham and Newcastle University, embedding Entrepreneurship into the post graduate curriculum.

Through her own consultancy company ‘Conversations with Purpose’, Wendy works with large clients including the Department of Trade and Industry, the British Council and Virgin Money.  Having supported over 5000 new ventures over the last two decades, Wendy has harnessed her knowledge to expand her support offering including the more established SMEs and larger organisations, enabling them to innovate and address their biggest challenges.

With the intention to empower people, Wendy follows a practical and pragmatic approach which helps entrepreneurs and businesses to be proactive in harnessing opportunities, gain the skills they need to take ownership, clarify their barriers to growth and from there generate sustainable solutions.