Ruth Smith

Redcar & Cleveland Host

Ruth’s journey from business management to becoming a life coach, therapist, and Reiki practitioner reflects a profound shift towards holistic wellbeing and personal development. Her dedication to empowering individuals to recognise and unlock their potential is admirable.

Ruth works with businesses of all sizes providing wellbeing workshops which are tailored to the companies’ requirements, demonstrating a keen understanding of the diverse needs of her clients.

Ruth also runs daytime and evening workshops addressing topics such as manifesting, confidence building, and combating imposter syndrome, she provides practical tools for personal growth.

In her private 1-to-1 coaching and therapy sessions, Ruth fosters a supportive environment for individuals to explore their challenges and aspirations. Her passion for seeing her clients transform underscores her commitment to facilitating positive change.

Overall, Ruth’s mission to help people of all ages tap into their Amazing potential is inspiring. By combining her expertise in coaching, therapy, and Reiki, she offers a holistic approach to wellbeing that empowers individuals to lead fulfilling lives.

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