Lindsey Hazle

Assist Darlington Host

Lindsey hosts events for Assist Women’s Network and advocates meaningful relationships for women in business locally.

Lindsey, from Stockton-On-Tees, is a Senior Business Manager for the global but local recruitment company Hays.

Raised in a single-parent household, she witnessed the social stigma, sacrifices, and challenges that her mother faced from an early age.

‘’I’m very proud and grateful to have been raised by such a strong, independent, and caring woman who throughout my childhood years, gave me the confidence to be unapologetically myself, and, just as importantly, she taught me the importance of unity, strength, resilience, and kindness’’.

Keen to support gender inequality through raising awareness on issues such as –

  • The gender pay gap
  • Women often are the ones who provide care for children, grandchildren, older people, or someone with a disability. Meaning they are less likely to be employed full-time
  • Less than a third of members of parliament are women
  • The percentage of female board members for the largest publicly listed companies

During her career, Lindsey’s worked with 100’s of business owners across Tees Valley to help them to attract, hire and retain staff.

Lindsey was drawn to recruitment because of her desire to help people, and when asked why she still does it more than 10 years later, the answer remains the same.

A keen writer, you’ll often find Lindsey writing job adverts, poetry, or sitting scribbling short stories. She enjoys learning and reading about psychology, leadership, and mental health, and tends to spend a lot of time out walking, exploring the North East and Yorkshire landscapes with her dog.

Lindsey is a sponsor of the organisation ‘Power of Women’, which provides the young women of the Tees Valley area with role models, inspiration, resources, and information to take control over the choices they make.

Lindsey is also a long-term supporter of Age UK Teesside which funnily enough, came from a past business relationship formed with the CEO, Anne Sykes.

Lindsey is keen to join forces with worthwhile causes and is driven by the ability to make a difference.

‘Giving back, encouraging, supporting, and empowering someone is a special and powerful thing – it’s that feel-good factor, it’s good for everyone’s well-being and mental health, and more importantly, it’s a privilege to be able to be a part of something that’s basically, born and driven by kindness and love.’

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