Lesley Hawke



I am a woman who is still growing and learning about myself.

Gained strength through adversity and also self care.

Passionate about the Teesside area and helping businesses grow.

I have two children who make me get up everyday and be a better person.


I live each day to the max, this is no dress rehearsal.

I bring to the table skills such as Sales, Marketing, Account Management, Education and International Business.

Growth for a business takes time and I enjoy working with businesses to help them get from A-B-C

I never stop learning…this is self development and I am wanting to use my knowledge to help others.

I would like to showcase the opportunities for growth. Look at their business potential and work with them and mentor them to showcase their business to others to allow growth in the uk then ultimately overseas.

Women need to understand they have strength and potential and I want to make sure they know that.