Katy Gettings


Hi! My name is Katy, I currently work as a Junior Content Producer at a company based in Middlesbrough, helping businesses up their content game.

When I was growing up I was very creative. I grew up in a very digital culture, watching a lot of YouTube, listening to music and playing games, and I wouldn’t have done it any other way. I studied Media at Middlesbrough college, and it helped me accept that I needed to put my creativity into a role that I would enjoy.

Instead of going to university, I searched for an apprenticeship that would help me find my feet in the creative industry, and found a role that fit me perfectly. I am currently a photographer, videographer and video editor and I am very passionate about what I do.

In my spare time I love listening to music, and travelling the UK for gigs. My favourite artists are Hans Zimmer and Plastic Mermaids. I also spend a lot of my time playing games, which brings out a nerd inside of me. And last but not least, I love experimenting with my camera. My future goals are to see as much of the world I can, especially Europe.

I wanted to volunteer at ASSIST as creating is one of my biggest hobbies, so why not gain more experience!

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