Katie Kendall


I believe that women should always be unapologetically themselves. We are all unique, no one is perfect, and we learn daily. I work in business in Teesside and am incredibly proud of my achievements. I have time, energy and tenacity to offer and want to make a difference in the Tees Valley area.

Having grown up in a single parent household, with two younger sisters, I have always realised the importance of being a strong and dependable woman. Having belief in yourself as an individual, confidence in your own uniqueness and abilities, the value of being kind and the ability to speak your mind are so important to me. My late Mum was all about empowering women and joining forces. She helped everyone she met, and she helped build self-esteem and raise their expectations.

I am currently working as a Recruitment Manager in Teesside, where I have worked for 12 years. I have a fantastic team under me and work with some incredible clients across all of Tees Valley. This gives me great connections for Assist and the ability to reach out to clients across sectors, locations and levels.

Socially, I absolutely love my family and friends. I have my boys – my husband and son, my amazing sisters, the most fabulous friends who I have had all of my life and a supportive and nurturing family. I am extremely lucky. 

I am very often told that I can always find the right words and that I put people at ease very quickly. Furthermore, I am dedicated and reliable and if I say I will do something, I do it. 

I would look at really joining forces more with competition. I think that in Teesside, we face so much daily in our own work, the last thing we need is to create further blockers. We should come together as like minded women who are all working towards the same goal.

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