Bianca Robinson

Assist Goodwill Ambassador 2021/2022 & Assist Mentoring Project

I’m Bianca, a kiwi living a long way from home on a cliff-top overlooking the North Sea.

I’ve been a graphic designer, a salesperson, an ad-agency exec, managing director of a growing digital agency, university lecturer, freelance marketer and now run a national charity – CEO Sleepout.

I’m on a mission to inspire business leaders to use their power and influence as a means to create greater social impact.

What I bring to the table:

  • Proven track record of delivering campaigns and using the digital space to inspire action, with a focus on values, clarity of messaging, framing and storytelling to shift narratives.
  • Commercially-driven director: strategic planning, budgeting and monitoring of processes
  • Effective leader of project teams, motivating teams to deliver excellence under pressure
  • Social justice advocate, using storytelling to unlock understanding and compassion around homelessness, poverty, housing, and inequality.
  • Well-networked into media, policy think tanks, government representatives, community and corporate leaders in cities across the UK
  • Operational management including event marketing, coordination, planning and execution
  • Learner – Thirst for knowledge, continually up-skilling and improving my understanding of marketing best practices, strategies, tools, channels and processes.

I’m a person driven by values, and am excited about ways make the world a better place.

I’ve learnt how to tell stories that stop the heart and move the mind and use digital tools that work to reach the people that need to hear them.

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