Alessia Leone



Hello! My name is Alessia. I am delighted to be on board for Assist Women Network. I am a freelance Journalist and Italian; who fell in love with the northeast coastal lifestyle. 

I have a BA Hons degree in Journalism. When in 2015, my daughter left for university, I realized the only career I matured in was raising my kids.  So, I went back to education to embrace my dream career. 

My experience as a journalist is in writing and editing for online and print publications. I also have audio and video editing skills. I hope with my articles to help other women make their decision to return to education, which I feel an advocate for. 

I am honoured to volunteer with Assist and to be part of this inclusive tribe

I hope to continue to write exciting and compelling content for Assist give them back the help they provided to me during my final project while I was a student. 

In my spare time, I go surfing, and I have started playing golf. In January, I will commence the MA in Digital Marketing. Wish me luck.