MyASSIST – Confident YOU


January 19


10:00 am - 11:30 am

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Assist Women's Network

myASSIST – Confident YOU

Lets hit the ground running 2023 with this look at how we have confidence, go beyond our comfort zone and get our message out there using the more modern tech challenges!

Plan A: prepare for the year ahead. If you are mentally, emotionally and physically strong you will stand a good chance to tackle the life ahead of us. We of course hope 2023 to be a breeze for us all in business, our personal and family lives.

Yes, we will have challenges that are sent to test us however we have a panel of ladies for this online event who have an abundance of knowledge and techniques up their sleeves that can really give you a strong footing.

Embracing collaboration, these businesswomen together create such an incredible vibe that you really should not miss. Kathy and Sandra, and Jo all very different in their fields however we are collaborating to take you on a journey.

All the panel work in their own businesses achieving much success with their clients, they all want to share what they know women really benefit from, as they give you a taste of their best bits.

To get us started. We will explore and recognise anxiety and stress and moving away from this. A chance to rethink, review how we live our lives and rejuvenate.

To follow, from Something Positive Solutions, Sandra and Kathy, they will help us work towards confidence using strategies and tools that will also enhance our emotional well-being.

Something Positive Solutions, Kathy Dales and Sandra Charlton are proud of their programme they specifically created for women, Positive Steps to Success. It was created to deliver a confidence, a well-being course where a safe haven is offered for those who need a friendly face to talk to, promising confidentiality and offering strategies, holistic therapies and a network to support those who wished to make a positive change in their lives. We are to be fortunate enough to benefit from a small slice of this.

Recognition, appreciation in advance to Kathy and Sandra, and Jo.

We are all ready to share this learning and experience with you , all you have to do now is sign up…