Volunteering with Assist

As a volunteer-led organisation, the work Assist Women’s Network does, cannot be achieved without the support, experience, time and commitment given by our volunteers, and we greatly appreciate all that they do. We are keen to support all volunteers in their learning, adopting new skills and we encourage they build their own connections from within the network that will help in their future work and life.

This network was built by Tees Valley volunteers and like our members and supporters, we can’t do it without them.  As we are ran 100% on volunteers we can offer affordable events to all.  

Can you help?

If you feel you can contribute as a volunteer, we want to hear from you! 

Not only will your time and skills make a huge difference to our progress and reach, volunteering with us is a fabulous way of developing new skills, friendships and (although we’re biased) is also great fun! We are all volunteers, our positions range from those that showcase the organisation, host events, quiet and yet essential administration roles and steering group thinkers. We can even work with you to set and achieve individual personal development goals, if this is important to you

Media Technician

To help us with the technical elements of our soon to be launched Assist Podcast and Assist YouTube channel.  

Social Media Coordinator

Can you help us generate innovative and engaging ideas for social media content and help to manage the social media platforms

Events Coordinator

Get involved in the behind the scenes planning, organising, tech and delivery of our events. You will have the opportunity to meet amazing people in this role as you engage with our hosts, speakers and guests.  

Podcast Executive

To be technical lead in our upcoming ‘Assist Podcast’. Can you help us record, publish and edit our podcast episodes? 

Accessibility Officer

To be as diverse as we can  across the network, this volunteer would help us check we are meeting the needs of the disabled community. We would welcome your input in to our developing disability strategy.  

Social Media Assistant

Love being on social media and ‘influencing’? Can you help to drive our online presence by generating content ideas and helping with our post scheduling?

PR & Media Coordinator

To be communication lead of Assist and to be representative of Assist to press and media. Can you help us to highlight key campaigns, news and stories?

We partner with Teesside University and the Volun-tees project. We have a solid team of past and present students that have made a huge impact on the organisation to shape the way it is today. There are skills in our volunteers of all ages which we love to embrace, in return for the connections, opportunities and experiences that volunteering for Assist offers.

There are many benefits volunteering as a Teesside University student including awards. Emma Morris, Volun-tees Volunteer of the Year 2021 says “Volunteering for Assist has been invaluabe to my life as a student whilst entering my career. The opportunities and connections are endless.” 

Our Core Values


Together we ‘Assist’ and encourage Tees Valley women to grow in their professional and personal life. We take an active role in supporting Tees Valley women.


Encouraging our members to take calculated risks, experiment and reach beyond boundaries. Be brave. Be courageous.


Have hope for the business and professional women of the Tees Valley and the next generation. Empower the collective voice of Assist.


Collaborate, share knowledge and learn. Inclusive of each individual, we are respectful, open, honest, ethical and genuine. We value teamwork and accessibility. We operate with integrity and a genuine desire to move women forward.


Spotlight achievements of Tees Valley women, encourage them to shout about their successes. We understand the challenges and hurdles, offering a framework for support.