Victoria Brown



Vic Brown is a best-selling women’s fiction author, holds a Masters in Creative Writing & is qualified in the Law of Attraction. Her passion lies in helping women align with their own desires, so they can grow for personal & professional purposes, without the overwhelm of time-management & self-doubt struggle, using powerful journaling techniques.

She is super passionate about words and the power behind them. Especially the words we tell ourselves, as if this reflects throughout all areas of our lives and to others. Her course; The Law of Attraction: Inner Peace Flow shows women how to heal their inner peace so they can attract the external pieces.

Her love of positive words and connecting with the Universe led her to setting-up ‘Positive Pants Prints’ and because of being known for saying ‘Put on Your Positive Pants’ it seemed a perfect way to spread positivity, joy and happiness.

Positive Pants Prints has recently launched their first journal, with many to follow, adding to the range of instant downloadable inspirational prints.

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