Joanna Andrews



I am the managing director of Charm Productions UK Ltd. An entertainment production company based in Redcar & Cleveland and performing shows nationwide. I have been working in performing arts professionally for over 10 years in stage, radio, TV & Film. My varied experiences have provided the most valuable lessons that I have taken on board in running my own business for the last 3 years.
Many of our shows are female centric and our creative team is entirely made up of women making our voice in the entertainment industry very unique. We focus, as a company, on creating opportunities for performers and industry creatives within the Tees Valley.
I first became part of Assist around two years ago. My business was very new and I had very few female business role models to look to. Assist not only provided networking opportunities and a wealth of advice but a sense of female empowerment and connection.
The thing I love most about the Assist Women’s Network is how diverse our network is. In any meeting or event you will find the most inspiring and talented women you’ve ever met coming together to improve business connections within the region.
As the Tees Valley continues to improve and expand in business and the eyes of the national stage, I have huge hopes that further opportunities can be created for women of all ages and backgrounds to share their skills and talents with the world.