Sharon MacArthur

Assist Strategy Board

Sharon MacArthur is the owner of Miss Menopause which was set up over 3 years ago in response to the lack of information about menopause in the workplace. Sharon works face to face and online around the country. Sharon is passionate about educating everyone where ignorance can no longer be an excuse.

She has appeared on BBC Breakfast, ITN News and Victoria Derbyshire and is a regular on BBC Radio Newcastle taking about the subject of menopause. She is shortlisted as a Northern Power Woman One to Watch.

Miss Menopause has been created to fill the void of educational services needed by working women as they reach the menopause.

It’s estimated less than 5% of companies across the UK are educating their workforce about the symptoms that menopause may bring.

So why does it matter?

Since 1971 there has been an ongoing decline in men working full time while the opposite is true of women. It’s estimated that in 15 years time the amount of full time working women will equal that of men. The changes to pensionable age brought about in 2010 also mean more women are working for longer than ever before. This trend is set to continue.

Who is affected?

100% of all women will go through the menopause with the average age being 51, however symptoms may begin many years before. Mental health issues can often arise due to menopause as well as a host of other symptoms.

How might this affect me?

Millions of days are being lost to presenteeism, which is driving down productivity. So you won’t find data on this problem as it’s currently hidden. As our workforce ages this is set to increase.

What is the answer?

Miss Menopause works with organisations around the UK educating everyone about the impact of menopause and how best to manage it for those affected as well as their  leaders. Fun and engagement are the key to learning and Sharon delivers this in spades.

*This is not a medical service.

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