Sharlein Smales

Assist Strategy Board

Tees Valley Together.

An individual who has a passion for everything she does. Sharlein will take on a challenge and give it 100%. A procurement professional in the workplace, employed with South Tees Development Corporation, the first Mayoral Development Corporation outside of London and is currently the UK’s largest regeneration programme. There is a projected budget of £600m to complete this programme and Sharlein will lead the procurement.

A Trustee of a charity, Tees Valley Together, supporting residents, businesses, and other charities across the Tees Valley. Sharlein is the driving force for change and has already introduced several new projects to the team.  As the pandemic hit, Sharlein began thinking, what could she do to improve the situation, she developed an idea to get businesses online and is now leading a programme to give business the chance to trail using eCommerce. Sharlein has made so many great connections with regards to professionals within the support sector and is the go-to person for media, BBC Tees is a firm favourite at the moment.

Sharlein is very good at assessing a process and finding ways to improve it, she will do this with care and realises there will be people who are averse to change. With her great communication and negotiation skills, she will win them round and will help them see that the change is for the best. Most people would shy away from this type of thing, Sharlein will face it head on with a calm approach and will succeed in the implementation.

I would love to drive change for procurement within the Tees Valley and educate the business community. Doing this with Assist would give us the opportunity for showing that women can and will drive change. I would love for procurement to be a part of the strategic planning end of a business and not just an admin function.

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