Laura May – Treasurer


Laura, from Guisborough, is a student at Teesside University who is studying towards a degree in Accounting and Finance. Joining Assist in the summer of 2019 as business manager; her role involves marketing and establishing/ developing projects and events. Some key projects she has worked on is the Goodwill Ambassador, assisting in the development and promotion of the award and the recruitment of the newly-formed Assist Focus and Strategy Board.

Laura works part time as a leisure centre assistant; her work for Assist has allowed her to improve her marketing skills and enhance the social media at her part time job. Recently, Laura assisted with the first #AssistTakeover with Laura Hepburn (from Assist Strategy Board), following on from this she has started working for Laura on social media marketing across her businesses. Volunteering for Assist has allowed her to network and meet like-minded women in her sector, she is working towards a career within the finance sector and has successfully been offered a graduate position after university as a Tax Associate. 

In her spare time you may find her shopping and socialising with her friends or family, while fitting in some holidays along the way.

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