Emma Morris – Design, Website and Communications Executive

Design, Website and Communications Executive

Emma, from Middlesbrough, is a student graphic designer and illustrator. She joined Assist in 2019 as a graphic designer. She provides help and support with the creative aspects of Assist, such as promoting and advertising events, enhancing Assist as a brand and working frequently with the online aspects of Assist. Emma works closely with the Assist Committee to achieve Assist’s outward facing identity. 

She works part time as a freelance designer and as a Barista in her favourite local coffee shop. Only in 2020 did she pursue her freelance career full time until securing a year long internship as a Graphic Designer for Tees Valley Combined Authority in October 2020. In this time of beginning her freelance career, Emma has worked with over 30 clients, designed for local businesses and worked with agencies both in the Tees Valley and nationally. Assist has allowed Emma to gain even more necessary skills to enhance her current and future career prospects. She has been able to work on projects that encourage her as a young female entrepreneur in the creative field and support her growth as a designer. 

In her spare time Emma enjoys walking her dog, running and spending time with her friends and family.

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