Mentorship Programme

The Assist Mentorship has been designed to build relationships in which our experienced and knowledgeable members help to guide those members who wish to develop specific skills and knowledge in their professional lives.

We aim to use this learning and development partnership as part of the ongoing work of Assist to support and grow a strong presence of female business leaders and professionals.

We believe that mentorship experience and relationship structure affect the amount of psychosocial support, guidance, role modeling, and communication that occurs in the mentoring relationships in which the mentee and mentors engage.

The Assist Mentorship platform is a group based on Facebook that we hope you will use as a supportive and inspiring place, whether you want to connect with a mentor or are looking for a mentee to guide and support.

All mentoring relationships are unique and as such a mentor can provide support in a number of ways such as:
Sounding Board: to test ideas and suggestions on
Facilitator: to be able to point to potential opportunities, arrange introductions
Advisor: to provide objective advice on a range of issues, including career opportunities
Coach: to directly assist the mentee to improve a specific skill
Expert: to act as a source of technical/professional knowledge
Role model: to promote and encourage positive behaviours in others
Challenger: to challenge assumptions and encourage alternative thinking
Source of feedback: to provide constructive feedback
Confidant: to express fears and concerns to
Motivator: to encourage the achievement of goals and boost morale

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