Assist Podcast Club

Ahead of the curve as always for the women in the Tees Valley (and further afield), Assist Women’s Network have formed a place where you can come together to connect and share the podcasts that you have been listening to.

With podcasts becoming increasing popular – this is your opportunity to be a part of something ahead of the curve. If you haven’t listened to a podcast before here’s what you’re missing out on. Women getting their voice heard. Getting their opinions out there for discussion. Being part of the narrative.

There is a plethora of topics out there which we will cover: 30 minutes of personal development, 15 minutes of career advice, 40 minutes of an in-depth conversation with a public figure, one hour of comedy and chat amongst people with information to share. Lots basically.

The bonus too is that it’s as easier to do, than not to do it; utilise your car journey, commute, housework or exercise time, the possibilities are endless. It’s not even necessarily about listening to the podcast, it’s about taking that time for YOU and then coming together with people who want to connect with one another.

How did it start?

An evolution of an idea from the fabulous Assist Chair, Ann Stonehouse at Assist’s Bookclub, where initially, members discovered their mutual love of podcasts (at the detriment of reading the book might I add!) When we researched it, there’s so many podcasts out there (and growing) but no where in the UK that we could find to come together and discuss them. 

Nowhere that brought people together for the love of podcasts. For the love of connection. Throw in Assist Women’s Network who are always so forward thinking and are at the forefront of bringing people together, not only for business but for social and wellbeing purposes. Add a sprinkle of Hayley the co-host who regularly falls down a podcast rabbit hole and needs people to talk to about what she’s listened to, nosy about what other people’s opinions are (she’s an inquisitive auditor don’t hold that against her) and you get our once every 6 weeks club.

Come join us down the podcast rabbit hole 🐰

What better way for women, each on their own personal missions, to consume information and then come together to share, dissect and debate their thoughts and feelings on what we’ve listened to. At the heart of every meet, it’s about connection. Human beings are on this planet for connection, that gives us purpose and meaning. 

We’ve wanted to create a space to share without judgement, a space to just unwind and be present. It’s about doing something for no other purpose than the pure enjoyment of it. That’s what we want for you to get out of the 40 minute meets. You time.

Our Assist Podcast Club Hosts are Hayley and Joanna…