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Assist is a professional network for women in business to help us all grow professionally and personally but also to nurture tomorrows inspirational women in the Tees Valley. Take part in many of our events and activities throughout the year by signing up as a member.


Workshops and forums designed to help get our members voice heard and impact local policy as well as the national agenda.


It all starts with one woman pulling another woman up the careers ladder to start a chain reaction.


Make contacts with other women, grow your business, share tips and advice.


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Assist is a Tees Valley network which allows women in business to grow professionally through a strong network of like-minded women. The network encourages trade and collaboration, it offers a platform to share knowledge and showcase skills as well as a space for learning and implementing useful tools in your business.



Assist was founded in 2009, predominantly offering business networking events. They launched a project 'Our Voice' last IWD, encouraging women to understand our UK democracy and be a part of the parliamentary system by using their voice and their vote. Assist considers mentoring and showcasing Role Models a vital part of inspiring other women and the younger generation. They have been involved in a number of mentoring programmes over the years and hosted training, and are currently embarking on their own programme to facilitate and support business women and pre-start business owners.


Come and speak to us at hello@assistwomensnetwork.co.uk




Our valued members help us shape what the network offers and we tailor the events and functions on our members feedback.





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